Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Title: Mt. Zion MBC Musician

Principal Function: To play music and assist the Minister of Music in planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive music ministry.The Musician is responsible for selection and execution of providing musical accompaniment during church or church planned and related services.

Job Classification:  This position is an exempt (salaried) and full-time position.

*Working Relationships:  The Musician works with the Minister of Music, Director and the Pastor in planning and directing the music program and ministries of the local church.The Musician assists the Minister of Music and/or Director to select and coordinate the church music program and ministries of the local church.

​- Assist in the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive Music Ministry.
- Coordinate the Church Music Ministry with the calendar and emphases of the church.
- Work with the Music Committee in determining music ministry goals and schedules.
- Assist the Minister of Music in planning worship services of the church and be responsible for the execution of the music.
- Be available for weddings and funerals that are held at the church; to recommend and provide music for special services, engagements and other church-related activities in cooperation with appropriate individuals or groups.
- Assist in directing music groups and congregational singing.Be responsible to assist training leaders for the Church Music Ministry in cooperation with the Minister of Music and the Pastor.
- Supervise the work of all musicians in the Music Ministry.
- Work in cooperation with the appropriate persons in advising song leaders, accompanists, and other musicians who serve in church program organizations.
- Coordinate the rehearsal schedules of music groups and individuals in the functions of the church.
​- Provide input to a Music Ministry plan of visitation and enlistment.
-Supervise maintenance of and additions to music library and equipment, including music materials, supplies, instruments and other music equipment for use in the church's program.
- Keep informed on current music methods, materials, promotion and administration, utilizing them where appropriate.
- Coordinate and manage the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists in groups or as individuals.
- Assist the Minister of Music in preparation of the annual budget to be recommended to the Budget Planning Committee in compliance with all established church policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal and state laws.
- On occasion be available nights and weekends for music ministry events.Comply with all established church policies and procedures as well as all applicable federal and state laws.
- Perform other duties as assigned.

Requirements, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

The position of Musician:
- Requires a high school diploma.
- Requires the ability to lead the church in musical worship.
- Requires a minimum of 3 years of experience in a music church staff or other music-related position.
- Vocal and instrumental proficiency (piano/keyboard)
- The ability to read music.
- The ability to develop choirs and teach voice and harmony.
- Planning and leading weekly rehearsals and other rehearsals as necessary.
- The ability to listen effectively and to communicate clearly, both orally and in written form.
- Exceptional speaking skills and the ability to speak confidently before groups.
- Quality leadership skills.
- Basic ability to use computer software, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
​- Commitment to biblical Christian principles and teachings both professionally and personally.
- Sufficient good health to discharge duties properly.
- Ability to stand and sit, sometimes for prolonged periods of time.
- Passing criminal, financial and sexual misconduct background checks. 

*Full-time is defined by federal law as at least 40 hours per week.  The church may choose to re-define the number of hours for full-time downward, but not upward. (Currently the time spent is approximately 15 to 20 hours depending on rehearsals and evening engagements and services.)*

Compensation: Negotiable depending on qualifications with possible increases depending on how the ministry develops.  

Send application materials or inquiries to Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, 1906 13th Street, Bremerton, WA 98337